HIV Infertility TreatmentBedford Research Foundation offers semen testing services to infertility centers willing to assist couples with an HIV infected male and an uninfected female.

Our goal is to help couples find fertility treatment close to their homes. We have a growing, national network, currently 76 collaborating fertility centers. During your initial consultation with Dr. Kiessling, she will discuss which centers might work best for you or will advise you on the best method for approaching the doctor of your choice. Patient and clinic confidentiality is strictly observed.

Because of the controversial nature of the program, we do not release the names of collaborating clinics until you are formally in the program. You are welcome to speak with any local infertility clinic or reproductive endocrinologist to ask for help. We would be happy to work with anyone in your area. We strongly advise you to discuss your needs for confidentiality about your HIV diagnosis at the initial contact for fertility treatment.

Contact the Foundation (email, fax and phone info below), with the name of the referring physician and/or clinic. Alternatively, the clinical coordinator or physician may contact the Foundation directly. Client and clinic confidentiality are strictly observed.

Infertility Procedure Costs

Costs vary according to the clinic. The cup insemination procedure costs about $3,000 to $5,000 per attempt in Boston; IVF is $8,000 to $25,000. You need to make arrangements with the clinic in advance.