Insurance Info for General Infertility Patients

In order to protect your confidentiality, and to maintain the Foundation’s low-administrative costs, we do no third party billing. You will receive an invoice and insurance forms with your kit, and you can attempt to submit directly to your insurance provider.

Many of our tests are covered by insurance. The amounts reimbursed for each test vary widely between insurance companies. In your kit you will receive some of the forms necessary to submit your claim to your insurance company.

You will need to submit three forms: the Health Insurance Claim Form, the Test Descriptors, and your Invoice from Bedford Research Foundation (you will receive these in your kit, or you may call to request a copy).

Your doctor’s office or infertility clinic may be able to help you complete these forms.

Bedford Research Foundation does not guarantee that any part of your bill will be covered by insurance. All proceeds from testing go to research.

Financial Aid for Infertility

Check out RESOLVE: Making Infertility Affordable.