Cryopreservation and analysis for testing are included in the cost of the Live Semen Transport Kit. Clients can consent to have the Foundation store their specimens indefinitely or ship them to an infertility clinic or other storage facility.

Sperm Dry Shipper

Liquid Nitrogen Dry Shipper Keeps the sperm at liquid nitrogen temperatures for shipping.


Storage of each specimen is $50 per month, there is no charge for the first month.

Clients are required to sign a sperm storage renewal form every two years. You will receive this form in the mail. We will make only 3 attempts to contact you once more before disposing of your specimen(s).


The Foundation can ship cryopreserved specimens to any location in the world. You must sign a consent form and pay for specimen shipping in advance. At least 30 days notice is required to complete paperwork and schedule the shipment. In order to protect your specimen, we ship between the hours of 9AM and 12PM, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

The signed consent form, and all outstanding charges on the client’s account must be reconciled in advance of shipping. Specimens are shipped in a dryshipper containing liquid nitrogen vapor.


Specimen Shipment is a regulated and delicate process. We require 30 days notice and original signed consent and payment prior to shipping.

As soon as you have cryopreserved sperm from two specimens with undetectable viral burden, the Program Coordinator will automatically send you a consent form and invoice for shipment – if you have notified the lab of its destination.