Home Semen Collection KitIt is important to remember that SPAR is a clinical trial. The current protocol calls for sperm from two specimens with an undetectable viral burden for each conception attempt.

    Semen specimens may be delivered to the
    laboratory for testing using two methods:

    1. Specimens may be Walked-In to the South Road lab within 90 minutes of specimen collection. (We’ve moved to 124 South Road, Bedford MA)
    2. Specimens may be Mailed-In via Priority Overnight FedEx from almost anywhere in the world.


    Both methods use the Foundation’s Live Semen Transport Kit; designed specifically for SPAR. The Mail-In kit is the first overnight delivery kit that does not require freezer packs because of its specialized refrigeration medium added to the specimen before shipping.

    The Live Specimen is Analyzed for:

    • Sperm Count to assess fertility.
    • Sperm appearance (morphology) for advanced assessment of fertility and development of sperm.
    • Immunostain for estimation of other types of cells in your semen.
    • Viral Testing for detection of HIV RNA / DNA particles in specimen.
    • Private Sperm Cryo-Banking Cryopreservation of sperm for personal use only. We use standard sperm cryobank procedures to store specimens until needed.

    Which Kit Should I Use?

    The Mail-In Live Semen Transport Kit is recommended for most patients. Walk-In Live Semen Transport Kits may be recommended for clients with special infertility needs or specific time constraints.

    How Do I Order a Kit?

    An order form for your first kit will be included in your Intro Pack. We recommend submitting this kit in coordination with your initial consultation with Dr. Kiessling. The sperm count in your semen specimen may influence your treatment options.

    Order additional kits by emailing: lab@bedfordresearch.org and faxing it to: (617) 623-9447 or mailing it with payment to: PO Box 1028, Bedford, MA 01730.

    To help protect the confidentiality of our patients, online ordering is not available.

    Important Notes About Viral Testing:

    • Each specimen must be accompanied by a signed consent for HIV testing, included in the kit.
    • Semen specimens are HIV tested in batches. Some specimens may require repeat testing. This means it may take two to four weeks to receive your specimen results. Viral test results are not given over the phone, they will be mailed to you.

    Specimen Shipping & Receiving

    Mail-In kits can be shipped:

    • Wednesday evening for arrival Thursday morning, or
    • Thursday evening for Friday arrival.

    Walk-In Kits may be dropped off at the lab with special arrangement – email lab@bedfordresearch.org to arrange.

    Ordering Additional Kits

    Order additional kits by emailing: lab@bedfordresearch.org, or calling the lab at 617-623-7447.

    To help protect the confidentiality of our clients, online ordering is not available.