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Can I still collect my semen specimen with SPAR for use in a fertility procedure?

Yes, the SPAR lab is still able to hold consultations and collect specimens, however we recommend that you follow local guidelines for travel and social distancing
from the CDC (

Should I get tested for COVID19 before collecting my specimens?

You should follow your doctor’s recommendation for testing of COVID19, particularly if you are experiencing symptoms. The SPAR lab will also perform a COVID19 test when you are collecting your specimens, even if you have been vaccinated against the virus. The effect of COVID19 on fertility is unknown, so this information may become clinically valuable as you move through your process.

Who should I turn to for more guidance and information?

The WHO and CDC both have information available on their respective websites ( and, and the ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) is updating information on their website frequently with new information (

I have already completed the SPAR program, and my specimens are in storage at your facility, are they at risk?

No. All specimens stored at the SPAR lab are safely contained in our Liquid Nitrogen storage tanks, and are monitored continually. The Bedford Research Foundation clinical laboratory continues to operate, and maintain all facilities during the COVID19 pandemic. Should you have any further questions or need more information, please email, lab staff is monitoring that address throughout the day.

When can my specimens be shipped to my fertility clinic?

When we get word that your clinic is ready for your specimens, the SPAR program can ship normally.

What is Bedford Research doing about COVID19?

Learn more about Bedford Research’s weekly COVID19 testing, serving hundreds of people in New England since April, at

Should you have further questions or need further assistance, please email

Download this document as a PDF